Summer Academic Program FAQ

Summer Academic Program FAQ

All sites open from 7:30am – 6:00pm

Here is a full list of all the sites available in our 2024 Summer Academic Program by location and grade. Students may only enroll in ONE site. Spots at each site are limited to first come first serve. We will be updating this list for the 2024 program:

  • Apostolic Church of God: Grades K-5 -- 1911 Hardesty
  • Calvary Temple Baptist: Grades 6-8 -- 2940 Holmes
  • Christian Tabernacle: Grades K-5 -- 7405 Paseo
  • Covenant Presbyterian Church: Grades K-4 -- 5931 Swope Parkway
  • Garrison Community Center: Grades K-8 -- 1124 E. 5th Street
  • Gregg Klice Community Center: Grades K-5 -- 1600 John Buck O'Neil Way
  • Holy Cross: Grades K-8 -- 121 N. Quincy
  • KC Girls Preparatory Academy: Grades K-5 (open to both boys and girls) -- 5000 E. 17th Street
  • Macedonia Baptist Church: Grades K-5 -- 1700 E. Linwood
  • Marlborough Community Center: Grades 6-8 -- 8200 Paseo
  • Metropolitan Missionary Baptist: Grades K-6 -- 2310 E. Linwood
  • Palestine Missionary Baptist: Grades K-6 -- 3619 E. 35th Street
  • St. James United Methodist: Grades K-4 -- 5540 Wayne

Your child must be 5 years old by Aug 31, 2024 or entering any grade through eighth grade. Please note that if you enroll a child that does not meet our age and grade requirements, that spot will be lost and will not be available to others once registration closes.

The Summer Academic Program is a free program. All KCMO families are welcome to apply.

Transportation is not provided. However, sites are located throughout the Greater Kansas City area for convenience.

English Language Arts (ELA) - Our certified teachers work with our students on listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Mathethamatics - As an essential aspect to the education of our students, our certified teachers work with students each day using a curriculum modified for the appropriate grade level.

Fine Arts - All students have the opportunity to be exposed to fine arts programming throughout the summer program. Music, art class, and field trips expose our students to the wonderful world of art.

Nutrition and Wellness - Students are exposed to recreational activities in the afternoon. We keep our students healthy and active all summer long!

Field Trips - Field trips take place in the afternoon when instructional time is finished. Field trips provide an outlet of fun and a reward for the students’ hard work on ELA and math. Field trips include visits to educational and entertainment locations around the city.

Children should arrive no later than 8:15 am. They will be marked as tardy after 8 am.

Masks will not be mandated, but are strongly encouraged. Anyone who chooses to wear a mask or respirator will be supported in their decision to do so. In the event of high community level (potential risk), universal mask implementation may be mandated to decrease the risk of outbreak.

Sites open at 7:30am. Students are not allowed to be dropped off early or left at the site unsupervised.

Students may bring cell phones; however, students are not allowed to use cell phones while in class.

Students may bring their lunch, however breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack is provided by Upper Room KC at all sites. Pork and peanut items are never served.

Upper Room KC will plan field trips on site and away from the site. Site Directors will provide dates for each field trip. Children will return to the site by 4:30 pm.

Upper Room KC does not allow parents to attend field trips or pick up their child from a field trip location. Additionally, for safety reasons, all students riding the bus to the field trip must also return on the bus.

Each student that has no more than two absences, maintains a C average in academics, has no major behavioral issues, and takes both the pre-and post-test will be eligible for a $100 gift card at the end of the program. Gift cards are given to each student that meets all criteria.

Upper Room KC understands that students will have doctor’s appointments and may go on family vacations and therefore, absences are allowed. However, in order to be eligible for the incentive, a student may not have more than two absences. Additionally, three tardies equal one absence.

After submitting the application, you should have received an automatic email confirming receipt of the application and acceptance to the site of choice. If you did not receive the email, please check your spam or junk mail. You will receive another email the weekend before the program start date as a reminder.

Yes, you can enroll more than one child in your household as long as they meet the age/grade criteria. During the application process you’ll be able to register multiple children at once.

Yes, students may bring a backpack, however, please note that sites do not have lockers or locked safe places to store any personal items. If items are lost or stolen, Upper Room KC and its employees bear no responsibility.

To make changes to an existing application, contact us directly at 816-363-3819.

If you need to cancel your application, please contact us at

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