The Upper Room Summer Program

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Our Summer Academic Program

Our summer program is focused on helping students in Kansas City to prevent the academic slide that can happen during the summer months. The program is also designed to help working parents who are looking for a fun and educational environment. This program is for students in Kansas City entering Kindergarten to 8th grade. Our program runs from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, Mondays through Fridays in the summer. Students focus on English language arts, math, art, music, and physical activity. Each program is staffed with certified teachers, youth development leaders, and volunteer tutors. Instructional time is from 8:00 – 3:30 pm each day, with a break for a hot lunch. Teachers track each students’ progress daily to ensure quality programming.  All students are able to participate in various enrichment activities and are given an afternoon meal. All of this is FREE to our families in the Kansas City Schools. Our program is open to all students, regardless of family income. We try our best to accommodate all of our applicants. Our program does not turn any students away until our capacity has been met.

What Makes Up Our Summer Program?


We hire certified teachers to work with our students on ELA skills. The curriculum is based on the Missouri Learning Standards and therefore, provide students a precursor to the skills, strategies,  and content they will explore during the next academic school year.


Math is essential to the education of our students. Certified teachers also work with our students each day using a curriculum modified for the grade level they teach.


All students have the opportunity to be exposed to fine arts programming throughout the summer program. Music, art class, and field trips to expose our students to the wonderful world of art.


Each student is provided with a nutritious lunch and snack each day. Students are also exposed to recreational activities in the afternoon. We keep our students healthy and active all summer long!


Field trips take place in the afternoon when instructional time is finished. Field trips provide an outlet of fun and a reward for the students’ hard work on ELA and math. Field Trips include activities such as visits to educational and entertainment locations around the city.

Evaluation of Our Curriculum

Thanks to a grant from the Hall Family Foundation in 2007, we had Johns Hopkins University send in a team of Ph.D.’s to evaluate our ELA program. The evaluation showed that our students were learning in eight weeks what the average student gained one full academic year in reading! That result made us one of the top summer ELA programs in the country. This quality also carries over into our after-school program . Click the link to read the Johns Hopkins Evaluation – Executive Summary.

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