It isn’t very often that we get to read something that a former student has written about their experience with the Upper Room. However, we have been lucky enough to receive a letter written by a junior at University Academy, Safiya M., who was part of our Summer Academic Program for about 7 years. When her younger sisters were enrolled in the summer program this past year, Safiya returned as a volunteer because she wanted to help out. “When I attended the program I enjoyed it and always wanted to come back and volunteer,” Safiya said.

Her former teacher in the program, Pamela Peppers was the one who showed us this letter. “She is so special. She started in the program years ago and was very involved in her studies,” Ms. Peppers said. Upper Room has been so touched by Safiya’s letter, that we decided to share it. We believe that all of our teachers, volunteers and supporters should read it and see the impact that they have made on our students.

“My name is Safiya and I am 17-year-old junior attending University Academy. I’ve attended the Upper Room program for about 7 years and I have gained a lot from it. Through the Upper Room program I’ve gained an even greater interest in reading and doing my best to succeed. Now, I am an Honor Roll student and a part of National Honor’s Society. I was also chosen amongst other candidates to travel to Tanzania for 5 weeks. Through my journey to get to where I am today, the Upper Room and many other accelerating programs have played a huge part.”

Thanks, Safiya for letting us share your letter! We love seeing how the Upper Room has shaped the next generation of young leaders.

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